Freederm Gels (Freederm Treatment Gel 25g / Freederm Gel 10g)

Freederm Gel (10g/25g)

Our unique anti-inflammatory medicinal spot treatment. Freederm Gel is fragrance-free and contains nicotinamide - a clinically proven anti-inflammatory treatment for mild to moderate inflamed acne spots and pimples.

Freederm Treatment Gel 25g is available over the counter at pharmacies. Most pharmacy assistants know all about Freederm Gel - so don't worry about asking them for advice while you're there.

Freederm Gel 10g is widely available from supermarkets, pharmacies and online.

Key Ingredients


Aluminium Magnesium Silicate, Hypromellose, Citric Acid, Macrogol Lauryl Ether, Ethanol Anhydrous, Purified Water.

Freederm Gels (Freederm Treatment Gel 25g / Freederm Gel 10g)


Freederm Gel is unlike other spot treatments that you can buy. Used to treat mild to moderate acne, its unique formulation contains nicotinamide, a clinically proven anti-inflammatory active ingredient, to treat inflamed red spots and help stop new spots that are starting to form. The hydro-gel formulation results in a treatment that is less drying than some other spot or acne treatments.

How to use

Use twice daily as follows:

Cleanse the affected and surrounding skin thoroughly.
After, gently dry and apply a thin film of Freederm gel to cover the area.
When using on the face, take care to keep it away from the eyes and mucous membranes, including those of the nose and mouth. Do not use in cases of known sensitivity to any of the ingredients. Make sure you read and keep the Patient Information Leaflet which is in the pack.

Recycling our packaging

Both the cartons and leaflets for Freederm Gel and Freederm Treatment Gel are fully recyclable.

The tubes are made from low density polyethylene (LDPE) while the caps are made from polypropylene (PP), both of which can be recycled.

Check with your local council

Different councils have different rules as to what will and will not be collected from home. You will need to check with your local council to find out whether they collect LDPE. If not, recycling centres accepting LDPE packaging can be found here