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Spot Myths

Unfortunately there are lots of myths about spots. Some of the information you hear about spots and acne just isn't true. Here, Freederm sorts out some of the facts for you. Don't forget, if you have any more questions about spots, your pharmacist can also help.

Acne is contagious

FACT You can't 'catch' spots from someone else.

Only teenagers
get acne

FACT While the peak for acne is between the ages of 14 and 17, it can remain a problem well into adulthood.

Eating sweets, chocolate and fatty foods gives you spots

FACT It doesn't. Obviously it's important to have a healthy diet for lots of other reasons, but avoiding spots isn't one of them.

Stress makes
spots worse

FACT Stress can cause your body to produce more hormones which stimulate the production of skin oils, and this can lead to more spots.

Taking the contraceptive pill clears up spots

FACT Some girls find that the contraceptive pill clears up their skin. Others find that some contraceptive pills – particularly progestogen-only types - can make things worse. If you find this happens, please see your doctor.