How to use it

1 Clean face

Apply Freederm Facial Cleanser to the face and neck using your fingertips, and gently massage into the skin with a circular action.

2 Rince face

Rinse it off with warm water and pat your face dry with a soft towel.

3 Wipe with pad

If you prefer, use cotton wool pads to wipe away any excess, or to get rid of any make-up residue.

4 Apply treatments

Freederm Facial Cleanser is best used daily, both morning and evening.

If you are using skin treatments (like Freederm Gel), apply these after using Freederm Facial Cleanser and before applying moisturiser.
Before you use Freederm Facial Cleanser, remember to read and keep hold of the information leaflet that’s inside the pack.

Where to buy

Getting hold of the Freederm range is easy.
Just pop along to any of these retailers.

Thanks to Freederm my skin is really clearing up’
Freederm Perfecting Moisturiser